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What to do at Terme Banovci

Time for sports!

With so many different workouts and options for recreation, we offer something to suit every taste:
Morning and water gymnastics
Nordic walking
Beginners’ dance school
Horse riding and horse riding lessons in the area
Organised hikes in the surrounding area
Volleyball, badminton and boules
Rafting on the Mura


Magical Prlekija beckons!

So near and yet so far. Away from the hubbub of city life, Prlekija has hidden places and legends that you won’t have encountered before. Discover them!
  • A visit to the Hlebec wine-making farm on Kog
     Situated on the slopes of Ljutomersko-Ormoške gorice, the Hlebec farm boasts a well-stocked wine cellar. The family also serves delicious tradit ...
  • Negova Castle and herb garden
    The Negova Castle was rebuilt from a wooden hunting mansion in the 11th century. It was adapted and expanded in the late 15th century. Inside the sout ...
  • Local crafts
    Visit the Cottage Industry and Handicrafts Centre in the village of Veržej next to Terme Banovci to learn how handicraft products are made. Private gr ...
  • The prehistoric settlement of Gradišče in Razkrižje
    The prehistoric settlement in Razkrižje reveals the lives of our ancestors 5500 years ago. Learn about baking in an ancient oven, tilling the land wit ...
  • Ljutomer
    Situated in the heart of Prlekija, Ljutomer is said to have been named after a mythical raging beast or “ljuta zver” in the local dialect. The town ce ...

Exercising and exploring!

At the end of your holiday, you will realise that even though you were on vacation, you’ve run out of time again. Prlekija and Banovci offer so many things that you just couldn’t miss. Next year you will want to come back with a pre-planned schedule of relaxing activities.

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