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How to relax at Terme Ptuj

Pampering in the style of ancient Rome

At the Valens Augusta Medico-Wellness Centre we will take you back to the time of ancient Rome – a time when people nurtured the body and worshipped beauty. In our wellness emporium, you will find themed rooms and suites for couples’ wellness treatments, thermal baths, and treatments for care, relaxation, regeneration and natural rejuvenation. In the Flavia world of saunas, there are thermal baths and saunas where you can relax just like they did in the ancient baths.

Water for health and fun

Just a few steps from the campsite entrance, you will find yourself at the entrance to the large, lively Thermal Park. The indoor and outdoor pool complexes are perfect for water fun all year round. In the summer, the many water attractions – including the largest waterslide in Slovenia – offer plenty of refreshment. You might even be able to compete against a swimming champion in the outdoor Olympic-size pool, as top swimmers from all corners of the earth often come to train here. In the indoor Thermal Park, you can continue to practise your technique or enjoy a leisurely swim in the winter.

The Ptuj thermal spring

The natural water comes from a depth of over 1 km and seeps through several layers of sand before reaching the surface near Ptuj, Slovenia’s oldest town, which was established by the ancient Romans. With a temperature of around 39 °C at its spring, the Ptuj thermal water has proven and established healing properties. It is effective in the treatment and rehabilitation of degenerative conditions, locomotor system disorders, injuries and post-operative conditions of the skeletal system, joints and muscles. Any self-respecting Roman would pay regular visits to baths (thermae). We decided to use the Ptuj springs in a unique range of services, from bathing and swimming to health care and relaxation – everything you need for a strong and confident approach to life. Discover the regenerative power of the Ptuj thermal water in our thermal pools and baths. At Grand Hotel Primus, you can even enjoy a thermal bath in your own room!

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