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What to do at Terme Ptuj

Fill your lungs with sports

There are a number of sports facilities to choose from in and near the resort. While on your holiday, take the opportunity to strengthen your body.
Outdoor Olympic-size pool
Clay and asphalt tennis courts
An 18-hole golf course
Miniature golf
Kiteboarding, rowing and sailing on the Ptuj Sea
Indoor recreational pool
Volleyball, handball and basketball hall
6 football pitches in the area
Outdoor fitness equipment and an indoor fitness studio


Let’s take a trip, let’s go and explore!

The places closest to us often turn out to be the ones we know least. There are plenty of sights in Ptuj and the surrounding area that will almost certainly be new to you. Take this opportunity to find out more about them.
  • Ptuj Castle
    Sources show that there was a castle on the hill overlooking the Drava even before the 12th century. It served as an important fort during the Ottoman ...
  • The Puh museum of classic cars
    Born in Slovenske gorice, Janez Puh was a pioneer of the automotive industry. Today he is best known for the large Steyr-Daimler-Puch factory in Graz. ...
  • The Klinc family’s Kurent workshop
    The Kurent or Korant is the most popular of all the traditional carnival characters in the Ptuj region. You can see him in the flesh if you visit Ptuj ...
  • Step back in time with the Roman Games
    Every year in the second half of August, Ptuj brings to life the customs of the Roman Poetovio. We build a Roman camp, where the stories of the nobles ...
  • The Ptuj Sea on the Drava
    Slovenia’s largest permanent lake, Lake Ptuj is known among the locals as the Ptuj Sea. It has an area of 346 hectares and is fed by the Drava. The ri ...

Today we recommend a daytrip and some exercise!

At Terme Ptuj, we have plenty of suggestions for things that families, singles, seniors, new couples and teenagers can do on their holiday. Our suggestions for exploring the area and enjoying sports activities in places near and far are sure to suit every taste. Each and every day, we organise activities to liven up your holiday. During school holidays, the youngest guests are awaited by the attractive and educational entertainment programme with Vili the Duck and General Primus.

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